Get out of the Weeds: Creative Methods of Weed[.

Whether you’ve got dandelions in your lawn or creeper in your garden beds or you need weed control for lakes, there’s no escaping the need to control unwanted invasive plants in your lawn. But just because you can’t escape weeds doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to maintenance. Avoid backbreaking hours in the sun pulling and digging and mulching with these creative weed control options:

Think Outside the Bottle

Before you reach for a bottle of chemical herbicide, remember that there are countless options for creative weed control in your lawn or garden, up to and including goat rental. Goats will eat just about anything, including dandelions. And if you don’t want goats on your property, there are countless other methods that don’t include toxic chemicals. Mulching is a good option, and you can use weed barrier cloth to starve potential weeds of sunlight and prevent them from ever coming up.

Design Options

Remember that there are many smart design choices you can make to stop weeds before they start. For example, you can fight plants with other plants. Grass is just one possible ground cover plant. There are other options that might compete better with the weeds in your area and spare you many hours of weeding. You can also simply design yourself a garden that needs less weeding. Container gardens are much easier to weed than a ground garden, and open, mown lawns might be more prone to getting weeds than other kinds of yards.

Weed Smart, not Hard

Controlling weeds is a constant, ongoing fight. Weeds are more tenacious and pervasive than you, but you can absolutely outsmart them, if you’re willing and you put just a little thought into it. If you think through a strategy and come up with a plan you can save yourself a lot of hours out in the sun, pulling up weeds that are only going to come back anyway.

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