Does Your Property Have A Bedbug Infestation?

It can be distressing to even suspect that your business or home is hosting bedbugs. Why me? is a perfectly understandable response but please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re to blame. This is not a judgment on your levels of property cleanliness; it’s a fact of life.

Your first step is to ask a professionally qualified and experienced pest controller, like the team at Pest Control Berkshire, to carry out a thorough survey to establish that your problem is bedbug-related, the size of the infestation and to recommend a comprehensive treatment plan that restores peace of mind in the long term.

Bed Bug

What are the signs of a bedbug infestation?

Bites: Blood spots on the skin often appear in a straight line. The spots may also be present on the bedding. The bedbug’s activities won’t hurt which is why humans normally don’t realize they’ve been bitten until later.

Brown-black Stains on Bedding: These are bedbug’s excretions. Also, investigate spots around the bed; they are often less than 1 millimeter and can appear in clusters in crevices. Note too that there can be skins which the bedbugs have shed.

The Smell: When a bedbug infestation exists, there is an accompanying sickly, sweet aroma.

Live Bedbugs: As bedbugs are 3-5mm long they can be seen with the eyes.

How do they enter a property?

Hotels, bed, and breakfasts, any establishment with a high turnover of guests sleeping on the premises can easily fall prey to a bedbug infestation. They can be carried in with guests, on their luggage or in the crevices of second hand and vintage furniture. Bedbugs can survive long haul flights.

Whilst the evaluation and remedial action are taking place, ensure that the infestation does not spread. Keep windows closed, check that there are no holes between rooms, floors or ceilings, and don’t move luggage, bedding or swap furniture from one room to another. Bedbugs don’t live solely in the crevices of mattresses. They can flourish in bedframes, adjacent furniture, sockets, skirting boards and even behind wallpaper.

What attracts bedbugs to beds?

They dine on blood; humans have a ready supply.

Body heat and the humidity in bedding provides an ideal environment for them.

They need the carbon dioxide we expel in our breath.

Restore peace of mind

Pest Control Berkshire’s team understands that identifying and managing a bedbug infestation is an urgent matter. Please invest in their specialist skills, experience and license holder only treatments rather than using an over the counter treatment which is less expensive but offers no guarantees and no confidence that you won’t find yourself tackling bedbug issues again in a few days, weeks or months.

The treatment solution and the number of applications administered, without risk to humans or pets, work conclusively and cost-effectively; the guarantee meets the needs of insurance, maintenance and mortgage agreements. Pest Control Berkshire is a member of the British Pest Control Association.

Don’t take chances. Seek the best treatment and pest control firm in your area.

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