How to Implement the Old World Style in Your Home

The old world style of decorating is a mixture of rustic, timeworn pieces and European influences, which can bring a cozy feeling to any interior. By making a few changes to your home’s decor, you can always feel like you’re on vacation in the Spanish or Tuscan countryside.

Floors and Walls

To evoke a sense of old world in your room, the first thing you may want to do is change your wall colors or flooring. Rich colors like burgundy, gold, navy and cream are commonly found in old world color palettes. You could also try adding texture or patterns to your walls by using tapestries or damask wallpaper. For floors, hardwoods such as Provenza old world flooring are a great way to add character. Add rugs with floral patterns for texture and warmth.


Old world furniture is typically heavy, freestanding, formal and somewhat weathered. Wood furniture is common, Read More

Get out of the Weeds: Creative Methods of Weed[.

Whether you’ve got dandelions in your lawn or creeper in your garden beds or you need weed control for lakes, there’s no escaping the need to control unwanted invasive plants in your lawn. But just because you can’t escape weeds doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to maintenance. Avoid backbreaking hours in the sun pulling and digging and mulching with these creative weed control options:

Think Outside the Bottle

Before you reach for a bottle of chemical herbicide, remember that there are countless options for creative weed control in your lawn or garden, up to and including goat rental. Goats will eat just about anything, including dandelions. And if you don’t want goats on your property, there are countless other methods that don’t include toxic chemicals. Mulching is a good option, and you can use weed barrier cloth to starve potential weeds of sunlight and prevent … Read More

4 Ways to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Summertime is finally here! It’s the most popular time of year and after being cooped up all winter, you’ll be spending as much time as possible outside. It isn’t long before summer turns oppressive and humid. Before you throw in the towel, here are four ways to keep your cool this summer.

Try a New Ice Cream

What better excuse than the heat to try a new ice cream? The freezer aisle is teeming with more interesting and unique flavors than ever before. Now might be the time to channel your inner child and rediscover popsicles, Italian ices and fancy new gelato flavors. Life is so much more than just vanilla!

Consider Installing a Swimming Pool

You’ve dreamt about owning a swimming pool since you were a kid. Now more than ever, there’s swimming pools pittsburgh PA in every size, shape and budget imaginable. It’s easy to make your fantasy … Read More

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pressure Washers

One of the byproducts of changing seasons is the natural accumulation of grime and mold buildup on the exterior of your home. If restoring the beauty of your home is something you would like to accomplish while the weather is nice, then pressure washing company jacksonville fl can help you accomplish that goal.

Of course, you probably already know that simply hooking the garden hose up to an outdoor spigot and spraying water is not going to cut it. The spray must be highly pressurized and focused to cut through the filth, mildew, and general muck that has built up over time. So, the question then becomes whether to buy a power washer and attempt to do the cleaning work yourself or, alternatively, to hire a professional pressure washing company to handle the job.

There are a number of established benefits of engaging the services of a reputable pressure washing … Read More

5 Tips to Creating a Stunning Water Feature

Whether inside or outside, water features instantly bring the beauty of nature into our lives. Like many people, you may believe that having a waterfall, pond or fountain in your home or office is complicated and expensive, but it does not need to be.

Using the following five tips as a guideline, and looking into options for irrigation system Brevard County FL, you will be enjoying your water feature in no time.

1.     Function

First, be clear about the function of the design you are thinking about. Some fountains create a more peaceful environment, while others generate lively energy. Be clear about your intentions so you can look into styles more suited to the task.

2.     Location

You probably have an idea where you want to put the water feature, but take time to measure and evaluate different spaces. The above-ground pond you have your mind set on may … Read More

Know what to get when you plan to build your home!

Get a professional!

Home building is not a simple thing and it needs a huge amount of planning and design to get your own suitable home that suits your desire and personality. The time is changing and so does the things around the world. And when it comes to building your own adobe the first step that you need is having expert advice that will handle your things like a professional. Get what you need from builders in Lower North Shore that will help you with everything and that is also following a very perfect and unproblematic way.

Home Renovation

The north shore construction companies are all over!

If you are a person who dwells in the place of north shore than you have many of the option resting on you for getting the best builders without much worries and hustle. Building your own house is enchanting and getting the results that … Read More