Freestanding Bathtubs Design Ideas

Oct 12th

Freestanding bathtubs – When many people think of free-standing bath, but the picture a home in times long past, filled with dark antiques, with waiters in white aprons scurrying up the back stairs. Fortunately, the free-standing bath is not a thing of the past. Not only are these bathing handy, but they lend an air of elegance to your bathroom and your home. Anyone interested in installing a freestanding bath must choose a type of tub. The claw foot tub, a tub standing on legs claws shaped like animals, was a popular style during the 1800s and is still a top choice today. Tubs which rest on pedestals or sit on the floor are also common. While there are plenty of vintage-looking tubs on the market, there are also sleek, modern styles perfect for a modern home.


Homeowners must also select materials and design of the baths best complement their home decor. Freestanding bathtubs are made of various materials, such as marble, cast iron and acrylic. The most common forms are oval and elongated, but they can also be found in square and circular shapes, which may be an unexpected and attractive design feature.

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When a free standing tub is not attached to a wall, the tubes that lead to the visible, as homeowners would likely want to use high quality, attractive, metal tubes, such as bronze. Measure the bathroom in order to ensure the vessel will fit. While freestanding bathtubs can be placed anywhere, you can use a plumber to redirect the water pipes to the right place, and to connect the tub.

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